Adrenochrome Truth

For the sake of safety, consider this all a work of fiction.

Everything you have heard about an adrenochrome conspiracy is true.

It is only my sense of duty to my fellow man that allows me to share the things I have seen, heard, and experienced. My survival instinct is begging me to stop. It begs because I’ve also seen and heard the things done to people who decide to talk. To name names. To reveal cabals of men and women. But I will not name names. If I don’t say who they are, I will have the time to reveal what they have done.

I have seen body farms in Managua. I have toured extraction facilities in Luxembourg and Dubai. I have watched holy men stream into underground catacombs of Vatican City, followed hours later by “tour groups” of children. The men came out later. No one else.

Organs are being harvested from the living, the breathing, and the screaming. The screaming.

I call this an adrenochrome conspiracy not because there is a conspiracy to hide what adrenochrome is or what it does. It is an adrenochrome conspiracy because of the depths people, governments, and corporations will go to hide the systematic violence and depravity used in its harvesting.

The elites use adrenochrome.

I will not name names, but at this point, I don’t think I have to. The adrenochrome conspiracy is in front of our faces every day on every major TV station, every major website, and in every major corporation.

See their faces to know their secrets.

To see their faces is to know the secret of what they hide in plain sight.

In 1980, I aided in the process to oxidize synthetic adrenaline to fill a growing need for a molecular compound that, at the time, I had no idea was being more vigorously sought every passing day. I had heard of adrenochrome in my studies decades before as a student. I did not know that early on an adrenochrome conspiracy would sweep the globe. How could I? How could anyone?

Those two questions are what plague me today. I am retired. I am done. But as my remaining time passes, those two questions keep me awake night after night.

If I were a better chemist, I would have seen the potential. If I were a better student of human greed and power and the depravity of elites worldwide, I could have raised alarms. I didn’t.

I’ve watched stolen closed-circuit video footage of a chain of people a mile long, their bodies punctured by tubes feeding into massive vats. I have heard tapes of powerful men discussing how they look and feel decades younger following their “sweet treatment.”

I have, in an experience I will regret until I drop dead, undergone this “sweet treatment” as an experiment. It is as powerful as its reputation suggests.

I now believe there is no God. If you are reading this and think this disqualifies me from describing the horrors of the adrenochrome conspiracy, I understand. What I cannot understand is the presence of any God -- any figure of goodness and holiness and purity -- that can exist in the face of the atrocities being committed.

Those of faith, I respect you -- but I have no doubt that as these revelations into the adrenochrome conspiracy come to light, your faith will be swayed.

There will be more than you can imagine. More than any loving God could allow on His Earth.